What is Reiki

Can one question the existence of the Divine? We often question, because we doubt the existence of God. People who believe in God know that there is much proof of Its existence, but there are people who are so far from the Divine that they deny Its existence. Since man has never been able to touch the Divine, he is convinced that God does not exist.

Sathya Eo’Than

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Reiki is, according to the ancient Tibetan legends, a method of healing that uses Astral Cosmic Energy which is transferred to a patient through the Master’s hands.

This energy exists in every cell of our body. The Fam Rei Reiki is linear and is available to us from the beginning of Reiki training, and the second Astral Reiki energy Ta Rei is turbulent and is used by Masters who posses higher levels of knowledge.

Masters do not create energy. They channel it. They are conductors and mediators between the Source and the patient who needs help.

Reiki is a simple, efficient healing system, absolutely safe to use on everyone: children, elderly, pregnant women, plants and animals. It cannot harm the one who gives it, nor the one who receives it.

Through touch, people can both give and receive warmth, love, tenderness and healing. Human touch is a daily need for us all. We often see a man in pain putting his hands on the sore place instinctively, causing the pain to fade away. This simple technique is the source of all healing techniques based on touch. We can achieve faster, more efficient and stable results when we learn how to master the Art of working with Reiki Energy.

Doubt is a great and necessary quality of human spiritual development. When there’s no doubt, a man ceases to think and judge and can be easily manipulated. Never believe anybody completely, not even me. When I tell you that something is true, that means it is true for me, based on my knowledge and my life experience, but that does not necessarily mean that this is your truth also. You need to doubt, review, make mistakes, and gain your own experience. This is how you create your own truth.

Sathya Eo’Than

gradmasterreikiacademy.com - Reiki - Grand Master Reiki Academy
gradmasterreikiacademy.com – Reiki – Grandmaster Reiki Academy

Today there are thirty different Reiki systems that all come from the same knowledge of a single ancient Fam Rei school, which originated in Tibet, and was brought to us by Mikao Usui. Mikao Usui received the classic knowledge of the ancient Tibetan Fam Rei system from his teacher Sathya Tanavi. He developed and established simplified techniques, using Fam Rei Energy and in 1909 he named this Energy Practice Usui Reiki.

Mikao Usui created two Reiki societies – Usui Reiki Fam Rei In Nepal 1912, and Usui Reiki Gakkai Ryoho, in Japan in 1922. It is interesting that what is now considered the ‘Traditional Reiki System’ used by more than 90% of Reiki practitioners worldwide, is not the primal, Original System that Mikao Usui developed in Nepal, but artificially created impaired system to overcome the requirements and restrictions of Japanese government at the beginning of the 20th century.

After the death of Mikao Usui, the two societies evolved separately in different directions. The older society kept the primal Fam Rei system the way Mikao Usui originally conceived it, but the other society was forced to adopt an efficient, but simplified system. They eliminated the “two-channel energy” flow, all the secret symbols, and many healing energy practices. All of this changed the system itself, as well as the course of Reiki history.

Both societies were very conservative and private. Reiki reached America by accident, when in 1933 the Japanese Reiki society went through a major split. At that time, one of its leaders, Tiodziro Hayashi, associated with Dzodzaburo Usido, decided to establish his own society, named Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho. He started teaching women and non-Japanese people and, by doing so, violated the closely guarded secret rules of Usui Reiki Gakkai Ryoho system. One of Hayashi’s students was Hawayo Takata (1938 to 1970), who expended her knowledge and brought the Reiki Shiki Ryoho to North America.

Although Takata did not know anything about the Original Fam Rei system, she sensed that the Shiki Ryoho system was incomplete and contradictory, so she improved and changed it completely. In addition to changing the system, she also changed its name from Shiki Ryoho Reiki to Takata Reiki and it became very popular in America and Europe. Today her system is considered as Traditional” Reiki and is practiced in 90% of all Reiki trainings. Because of these fundamental changes, Takata has raised many controversial issues regarding the true history of Traditional Reiki.

The older societies remained private and closed for a very long time. Until 2006, when Sathya Eo’Than decided to bring The Original Fam Rei Reiki System to Europe and America. Now we can study the complete Original System of Usui Fam Rei Reiki. Ten years ago Sathya Eo’Than founded the Grandmaster Reiki Academy and since then has been traveling the world teaching the Grandmaster Reiki Academy program.

Why some traditional Reiki teachers continue to deny the existence of the Original Usui system?

Some teachers, who have been teaching and practicing traditional Reiki for many years still have problems accepting the Original Usui Reiki system. This is a common reaction that stems from their beliefs and normal ego reactions. In order to learn the Original Usui Reiki system, one needs to start from scratch and one must be ready to overcome their own ego reactions, which is not an easy task. There’s a big difference between the Original Fam Rei system and the Traditional Shiki Ryoho system. In order to understand this difference, it’s necessary to have full knowledge of both systems. Only then will you be able to make the right choice for you.

The Fam Rei Reiki system consists of Three Stages of Training:

I. Path of the Student (Levels 1-3)

After the training, a student becomes “Reiki Master 3.” During the training, the future Master studies:

  1. Techniques for the first three levels of Reiki
  2. Secret Symbols
  3. How to work with Energy
  4. Techniques for self-healing and healing patients
  5. Techniques of Distance healing
  6. The art of Awakening Kundalini
  7. Pranic breathing
  8. Group Therapy
  9. Activation of channels
  10. Astral Surgery
  11. Basics of Vibrational Therapy
  12. The Principles of Reiki Masters

In 1909 Mikao Usui adapted Fam Rei to Reiki 1-3 The Path of the Student was then created.

II. Path of the Master (Levels 4-7)

After completing this stage, a Master reaches the level of “Reiki Master 7”. Over the course of this training, a Master learns:

  1. The techniques for the next 4 levels of Reiki
  2. Secret Symbols
  3. Chakra Healing
  4. Chaka Cloning
  5. Specific skills related to these higher levels

The Path of the Master was created by Sathya Nanyokari in 1953.

III. Path of the Grandmaster (Levels 8-9)

During this training, a Master reaches the level of a Grand Master “Reiki Grandmaster 9”.

Grand Master title requires a special training program. This training includes:

  1. Going through an Astral Transformation
  2. Learning and mastering the techniques of Telepathy
  3. Learning the skills to negotiate and work with Cellular Intelligence
  4. Learning how to work with the Elements of living and non-living nature
  5. Practicing Tibetan Vibrational Therapy
  6. Acquiring other important skills
  7. Learning two advanced techniques of Reiki
  8. Working with special Symbols of Reiki level 8 and 9
  9. Learning the techniques for blocking Negative Genetic programs and Self-Destruction programs

The Path of the Grand Master was created by Sathya Eo’Than in 2006.