Sathya Eo’Than

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Enlightened Teacher, member of the Society of the Keepers of Knowledge, heir of Mikao Usui and Sathya Nanyokari.

Grand Master Reiki Teacher.

Keeper of the Tradition of the Original Reiki System Usui Reiki Fam Rei.

Creator of the Grandmaster Reiki Academy in America, Europe and Russia.

Founder of Grandmaster Reiki Yoga program.

Creator of Past Life Therapy (Overcoming Tragic Karma).

His unique teachings based on his personal experiences are practical and enable you to remain youthful, active and enjoy a healthy life.

Sathya believes that a quality education requires individual attention and takes into consideration the personal qualities of each student. He is endowed with a unique healing power and he communicates with his students on their ‘higher self’ level.

Sathya teaches his students to think on their own, to question and not to blindly accept someone else’s opinions and algorithms.
He creates Masters, rather than apprentices.

He is the 21st century Teacher.