About the Academy

The Grandmaster Reiki Academy was founded by the heirs of Mikao Usui – Sathya Nanyokari and Sathya Eo’Than in 2008. The Academy was based on the teachings of an older Reiki association called Usui Reiki Fam Rei, from the Keepers of the Ancient Original Reiki System.

The goal of the Academy is to make this authentic knowledge available to all, so that everybody can learn directly from the tradition of the Keepers of Knowledge no matter where they are.

Due to the power of the Internet, we teach Reiki, as well as other practical skills, online, in more than 160 countries.

grandmasterreikiacademy.com - The Academy - Grandmaster Reiki Academy
grandmasterreikiacademy.com – The Academy – Grandmaster Reiki Academy

The advantages of an online seminar are obvious:

1. You don’t need to travel long distances and spend a lot of money in order to learn from a Reiki Grand Master tradition Keeper himself.

2. During the seminar, more than 90% of information is forgotten, so now you can listen whenever you want to a Grand Master. You can rewind and watch the video over and over again.

3. You can receive the initiation from the Grand Master personally, via Skype, the same way as in live seminars.

4. After the initiation, you are free to ask the Grand Master whatever you want and get your answer right away through the online video stream.

5. When the seminar is finished, you will continue to receive videos of answers from the Grand Master to the questions asked by his students in the seminars that you have already taken.

6. In addition, you will have the opportunity to practice with certified Teachers in Academy Clubs in your country and your city. The number of Clubs is growing all the time.

gradmasterreikiacademy.com - About Academy - Grandmaster Reiki Academy
gradmasterreikiacademy.com – About Academy – Grandmaster Reiki Academy

Do you want to meet The Grand Master Teacher himself?

Every year, you have an opportunity to take Grand Master Classes, given in major Places of Power, such as:

Asga’La – Germany, Turkey, Serbia, Bulgaria;

Ucata’La – Mexico, Peru, USA, Canada, Cuba;

Rama’La – Egypt, Morocco;

Shambha’La – Nepal, Butan;

Chocolate Hills – Philippines;

Bali, Borobudur – Indonesia.

Reiki Grand Master Classes that last 14 days and Reiki Master Classes that are 5 days long are offered in: USA, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Germany, UK, Netherlands, France, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Morocco, Indonesia, Philippines.

In addition to learning the primal two-channel Fam Rei Reiki System you can also master other teachings such as: Ancient Tibetan Priestly Practices, Mental Energy, Cosmogony, Ancient Druid Practices, Opening of the Chakras, Practicing Tibetan Meditation, Overcoming Tragic Karma, Professional Channeling, Connecting with the Teachers and Soul Mates and Learning the Art of Astral Vision.

Lineage of the Keepers of Original Usui Fam Rei Reiki
(Years in the position of Keeper of Traditions)

Mikao Usui (1912 – 1926)

Sathya Nanyokari (1926 – 2008)
Sathya Eo’Than (2008 – present day)

Very often experienced Reiki Masters and Teachers make mistakes. They fail to grasp the consequences of the relationship between the cause and effect of what they are practicing and teaching. Everything in Reiki is logical and it follows natural laws. Reiki sessions are like a game of chess. Everything that you do needs to be completely logical and performed with exact precision. If you are well prepared and follow the rules, you will succeed.

Sometimes it happens that you do not know your opponent and that you feel uncomfortable and afraid. The fear can cause you to lose the game. In Reiki the same as in Chess, time is an important factor. Often “the battle” for a human life takes a matter of seconds. As Reiki practitioners, it is important to gain knowledge and develop the skills to make quick and right decisions.

There was a student who followed blindly the teachings of his Master, without really understanding and questioning what he was learning. Often this student would say: “that is impossible, because my teacher says so”, but he was incapable of explaining why this was impossible.

If you learn how to think and judge in Reiki the same way as you do in a game of chess, you will become a great Reiki Master. The Grandmaster Reiki Academy would like to help you achieve this goal.